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  • Can I go back to work after my procedure?
    If you receive sedation, you cannot drive or make any important decisions for 24 hours after your procedure. We recommend that you take the day off
  • Can I take something else instead of PegLyte 4L?
    In our experience, the combination of PegLyte 4L with Dulcolax tablets is the gold standard of bowel preparation due to its make-up and volume. A colonoscopy can only be as good as the bowel preparation. Inadequate prep is associated with lower polyp detection rate and repeating the procedure at a shorter interval due to low visibility. PegLyte 4L includes electrolytes and therefore will not compromise the patient’s nutrient intake. It is also high in volume and therefore allows the best results. Please ensure you call the clinic to get approved for an alternate bowel preparation.
  • I didn’t stop all my vitamins before my colonoscopy. What should I do?
    Do not cancel your colonoscopy appointment. We advise you to stop taking your vitamins especially iron as it may darken your stools or may cause constipation therefore making it harder to clean out the colon. Just make sure you follow the rest of the bowel preparation instructions to clean your colon as much as possible.
  • I did not stop eating some nuts or fruits with seeds. What should I do?
    This is not a contraindication to your colonoscopy so you do not need to cancel your procedure. The reason we recommend not eating any seeds and/or nuts 4 days before your procedure is because these may get caught in “pockets” in your colon and present as a polyp. We want to avoid performing unnecessary polypectomies on these food pockets therefore it is best to avoid seeds and nuts.
  • Can I drink coffee or tea  the day before my procedure?
    We allow ONE BLACK cup of coffee OR tea (250ML) the day before your procedure and prior to noon that day. Do not add any milk, powdered milk or creamer. Clear means that there is not dairy/non-dairy products being added. No red or purple beverages.
  • Why do I need a driver?
    After receiving sedation for your procedure, you cannot drive, operate any heavy machinery, or make any legal or financial decisions for 24 hours after the completion of your procedure.
  • Can I take a taxi or uber/uber assist after my procedure?
    No. The uber or taxi driver does not count as someone who will care for you for the remainder of the day. You must have a responsible adult (18+) escort you out of the clinic to ensure that you arrive home safely and are attended to for the remainder of the day. We must see and receive the name and number of the person who will be taking you home. We want you to be safe and to rest for the remainder of the day
  • I am on an antibiotic regimen, may I take my antibiotics normally?"
    If you have been placed on antibiotics and your preparation day falls within your regimen timeframe then you will have to reschedule your procedure so that your antibiotic regimen is not interrupted.
  • Can I take painkillers or anti-nausea medications on my prep day?
    Yes, these medications are ok to take as you prepare and may provide some relief from the potential side effects of the bowel preparation.
  • I am feeling nauseous while drinking the PegLyte Prep. What can I do to help?
    Due to the volume of PegLyte, it is normal that you feel sick of it after the first couple of glasses. We recommend that you mix it with a clear, non-alcoholic drink of your choice (for example, yellow gatorade or ginger ale) to help change the flavour of the mixture.
  • How do I know I am ready for my procedure?
    Go to to see a guide on what your output should look like before your procedure.
  • Does nail polish need to be removed?
    Yes, we need at least one finger without nail polish to measure the amount of oxygen in your body with a sensor.
  • How do I know if the colonoscopy preparation was successful?
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